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Urban EM70

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Urban EM70  Branch Logger for sale

The Urban EM70 branch logger is the electric version of the SM 70. The EM 70 has a double bagger as standard and is powered by a 5.5 kW, 400 V electric engine. The engine has a belt drive connected to a gearbox which powers the chipping mechanism.

It produces logs of between 60 and 130 mm in length and will cut softwood of diameter, 75 mm and hardwood of diameter, 60 mm. The machine can process between 30 and 60 bags per hour, depending on the efficiency of the operator.

The chipper hopper is quite long and the operator can feed branches at lower speeds, in safety.

Price List

Urban EM70 – with simple bagging for raschle bag.
Call for price

Urban EM70 with double bagging for raschle bags.
€5,089.43 ex. vat.                €6,260.00 incl. 23% vat.

Urban EM70 with Big – Bag bagging.
€5,089.43 ex. vat.                €6,260.00 incl. 23% vat.

Urban EM70 with belt conveyor 2.1 m length.
Call for price

Urban EM70 with belt conveyor 2.6 m length.
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Adjustable options

Additional slide to the belt conveyor, length 0.8 m.
Call for price

Double bagging for raschle bags on the end of the belt conveyor.
€480.00 ex. vat.                €590.00 incl. 23% vat.

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