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Lumag SSA400G/Z Firewood Processor

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  • The Lumag SSA400G processor enables one operator to process firewood in an efficient manner. The wood is cut by the 9.5Kw saw to desired length and then dropped down into the splitting chamber where it is split 1 or 2 ways depending on how the knife is set. The machine is on a strong steel frame with wheels and tow bar. The machine is powered by petrol engine 400cc, SSA400G.
  • Is also possible with PTO driving, SSA400Z.

SSA400G Price  €7,490.24 excl. 23% vat.        €9,213.00 incl. vat.

SALE   2024  price  €6,991.06 excl. 23% vat.                 €8,599.00 incl. vat.

SSA400Z Price €6,707.32 excl. 23% vat.        €8,250.00 incl. vat.

SALE  2024           €6,589.43 excl. 23% vat.               €8,105.00 incl. vat.

Delivery €120.00 excl. vat

Full service and parts is available.

Lumag SSA400G Firewood Processor specifications:

  • Splitter power 9.5Kw
  • Petrol Engine 400cc
  • Sectional diameter 380mm
  • Cutting Lenght 550mm
  • Split 5-8 cubic meters per hour
  • Splitting force 10ton
  • Weight 430KG

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