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Lumag STM 350-1200 PRO Masonry Saw Bench

– Posted in: Construction Masonary Cutting

The Lumag FS350-1200pro Masonry Saw Bench is designed for safe and accurate cutting of tiles and masonry. It comes with a dust suppression water tray and adjustable cutting head that enables the tilting of the blade to 45 degrees in either direction. A closed segment diamond blade is included.

Price            €1,869.22 excl. 23% vat.         €2,300.00 incl. vat.

Sale   2024    €1,540.65 excl. 23 % vat.    € 1,895.00 incl. vat.

The Lumag STM 350-1200pro Masonry Saw Bench specifications:

  • Operating voltage 230v 50HZ
  • Motor power 2kW s6 40%
  • Running speed 2500 rpm
  • operating Current is 16A
  • Protection Class IP54
  • Table size 1150mm x 510mm
  • Blade sizes 350mm x 30mm
  • Operating speed 80 m/s
  • Cutting depth 107mm
  • Max cutting length 1200mm
  • Tilt angle 0-45deg
  • Water capacity 32L
  • Sound Pressure 72db (a)
  • Sound Level 85db (a)
  • Weight 129/151 kg

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