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Lumag EB710G Posthole Borer

– Posted in: Construction Posthole Borers

Lumag EB710G Posthole Borer

The Lumag EB710G 2 man posthole borer finds its use in harder ground and when the working depth has to be increased. In lighter soils it is possible to use the machine with a single person,  but this is not recommended. The augers are available separately.

€321.97 excl. 23%  vat
€396.02 incl. vat

Lumag EB710G Posthole Borer specifications:

  • Engine size 71cc
  • Engine Power 3.2KW
  • Vibration at full speed with load 12/ms2
  • Fuel ratio 25;1
  • Sound pressure 102db (a)
  • Sound power 114db (a)
  • Weight 14KG

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