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Lumag BSF15 Stump Grinder New Model 2020

– Posted in: Construction Landscaping Stump Grinders and Trenchers

The Lumag BSF15 stump grinder is a powerful, robustly made tool offering great productivity and durability. The 300mm grinding wheel is fitted with 9 carbide tipped teeth making light work of any stumps and roots. The tires are larger than the ones fitted to similar machines and drastically improve mobility across rough ground. The machine is fitted with a dead mans cable for safe operation.

RRP                   €1,904.23 excl. vat.        €2,342.21 incl. vat.

Sale   2024    €1,540.65 excl. 23 % vat.    €1,895.00 incl. vat.


Price for teeth old model

Set of Teeth (3 Piece, 1 left,1right,1straight)

€88.62 excl. 23%  vat.        €109.00 incl. vat.

Lumag BSF15 Stump Grinder specifications:

  • Engine size 389cc
  • Engine power 9.7KW
  • Milling bellow ground level 235mm
  • Milling above ground level 600mm
  • Weight 110KG

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