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VDR 63

NTC Reversible Compactor Plates VDR 63E

– Posted in: Compaction Compactor Plates NTC

€ 6500.00 excl. 23% vat            

€ 7995.00 incl. 23% vat

Powerful compaction machines, especially suitable for soil compaction. Alternatively can be used also for compaction of asphalt layers or pavement (particularly for reversible plates up to 250 kg)

  • Modern Design.
  • High Compaction Effect.
  • Protective Frame.
  • Robust Construction.
  • Resiliently mounted handle.
  • Throttle lever at the handle.
  • Smooth travel speed control.
  • Hydraulic Travel Control System.
  • Advanced hydraulic system with automatic deaeration and setting.
  • Equipped with vibrations resistant gel accumulator.
  • Optional Accessories: Hour Meter, Side covers set for operation in trenches
VDR 63
Mass Kg 440
FrequencyHz 70
Centrifugal forcekN 63
Speedm / min 20
Dimensions of compaction platemm 750 x 900
TypeGX 390
Max. power and engine speedkW / min 8,7/3600
VDR 63

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