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Lumag MD 300R 4×4 wheel drive Mini Dumper

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The Lumag MD300R 4×4 mini dumper is the off-road version of the MD300. It still has all the handy features but with the 4×4 wheel drive for better access over more difficult terrain.


€1,994.04 excl. vat.    €2,449.00 incl. 23%vat.

SALE price

€1,490.24 excl. vat.   €1,833.00 incl. 23%vat.


€60.00 excl. vat

Lumag MD300R Mini Dumper specifications:

  • Engine size 196cc 4-stroke
  • Engine power  4.8 kW/6,5hp
  • (LxWxH) 1595x700x940 mm
  • Weight 173KG
  • Max load 300KG
  • Steering -Skid steer
  • 3 forward gears
  • 1 reverse gear
  • mechanical dumping
  • attachment for MD 300R / dozer blade/wood loading box.

Equipment Features:

  • Extremely practical four-wheel motor wheel. It meets all requirements and the most demanding transport needs of various materials.
  • Emptying is done by comfortable tilting of the tub, which is perfectly balanced.
  • The width of the machine also allows driving on narrow roads.
  • Variable adjustable speed.
  • All-wheel drive ensures optimum movement on each ground. Shear control.
  • Possibility of attaching snow blade.

Full service / Parts available

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